But It’s Just So Hard

//But It’s Just So Hard

But It’s Just So Hard

Have you ever said or heard someone sincerely say these words, “but it’s just so hard” when it comes to forgiving someone, or overcoming an addiction or behaving selfishly? They go to church, they love and serve God but their Christian life is one of continual wrestling with their sinful nature. They pin it down and raise their hand in victory only to be flipped over and pinned down by it in the next round.
Whenever I hear a Christian say “but it’s just so hard” to live from our new nature, I know I have met someone who is “trying to do Christianity” rather than surrendering to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them how to become Christ-like.
I can relate to this, more than you know. I have attended and participated in church-life all of my life within various denominations. I unknowingly “tried so hard” to be a Christian, so much so that I was blind to the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Yes, I considered myself a Christian, but somehow I filled my life with principles and dutiful Christian rituals rather than yielding to The One who wanted to make me more like Him through daily encounters and relationship.
As one who is also passionate about understanding human behavior and transformation I spent many years as a Christian bumping my head up against the ceiling of psychology. I sat behind bars formed by the fall of man and my life’s experiences. Jesus said that He was the door but I just didn’t see it.
How does one become free in Christ?
Our daily life with the Lord is to be one of:

  • Surrender
  • Trust
  • Willingness
  • Obedience

We yield to a work that He has already completed, to a nature that He has already provided and we breathe the breath of freedom that comes when we see things from His perspective.
What if we stopped fighting our old sinful nature and sent it back to the grave where it belongs?
What if instead of saying “It’s just so hard” we would ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how to live from our new nature?
For example, instead of wearing ourselves out with frustration, what if we asked the Holy Spirit to show us how to be patient?
Or instead of being fearful and anxious over a situation what if we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how to grow in His love for us?
It’s a totally different life as it should be. We are called to be “born again” are we not?
For more personal training in this area I invite you to study and meditate on:
John Chapter 15 – Romans Chapter 6 – 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
After reading and meditating on the above passages how would your life be different if you…

  1. Really believed that the power of sin is broken?
  2. Exchanged “it’s just so hard” and your excuses for asking the Holy Spirit to teach you how to live from the new man?

Lord, teach us how to let-go of self-effort, religious exercises and duties so that we can enjoy your Presence, train with the Holy Spirit and learn to live from our new nature in Christ. Amen

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